Cat got your treadmill?

This morning started with a nice 4.1 mile run on my trusty treadmill.  I would have gone further, but my cat Brooklyn was playing with the string that is attached to the magnet allowing the treadmill to turn on.  She was swatting at it and eventually took a hard enough swipe that she was able to pull the string and the magnet away from the machine and the treadmill came to a stop.  I could have turned it back on, but I decided that my work out was done.

I am enjoy a wonderful lunch that includes, among other things, a banana with some apple butter on it.  It was something I decided to try on a whim, and I must say that it is fantastic. 

A wonderful combination that I will probably have to try again soon.  Actually, I will probably start putting apple butter on everything.  I get on strange kicks like that every now and then.  And this is really good, homemade apple butter that Tim got from one of the customers on his mail route.

Last night I had the pleasure of attending my first Fellowship Operating Board meeting at church.  It was great to be involved and I am really looking forward to serving the church my coordinating the volunteers in the Cafe.

Tonight is Bible study.  I am looking forward to it.  Tim won’t be going.  Something about Avatar on the IMAX.  🙂  And next week I have to work so he will be going by himself.  Last week I was there by myself because he wasn’t feeling well.  So, it will be three weeks without us going as a couple.  That is strange.  We’ll have to make a big reentry or something.


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