Half day

So, today was my first day of work.  I went to the Marshfield clinic in Wausau for training.  The manager of the Occ. Health Dept, Jan, is great.  She is really upbeat and funny and always smiling.  We had a hard time finding a place for me to do my computer training.  It seemed that everywhere we went, there were computer problems.  Finally, we just went up to the classroom on the third floor and she set me up.  I went through all the videos and simulations and reading material pretty quickly…there was a lot of HIPAA and confidentiality and all that stuff.  She let me know that I was only going to be there for the morning (yippee!) and that tomorrow I would be reporting to Occ. Health in Marshfield for more computer training and on the floor training.  While I was going through the training, I ate my lunch…banana, some honey nut Cheerios and a  granola bar.  I stopped for a cappuccino on the way home.

I was ecstatic to be done early because it meant that I could come home and run.  i had a 7 mile run scheduled today, but cut it down to 6 miles to save my legs for Saturday’s 5 mile race

After my run, I ate a bunch more of those horribly addicting dried mango strips.  Seriously, I need to stop eating those.  They are FANTASTIC.

I have my EMT class tonight.  I am secretly hoping that we get out early, but I know that I need to practice the Registry check lists.  I don’t feel very confident in any of them.

While I was at the clinic, I posted an Operation Beautiful note.


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