Too much ice cream

Today at work, I got more into the patient care aspect of the job.  It was great to actually be doing things because training can get so boring.  I am fortunate that Linda was so patient with me and took the time to explain everything that I need to do.  There is a lot to learn and each provider has their own way of doing things.
I made myself some cream of wheat with half a banana around 8:30.  I was starving because I got up early to run 3 miles before work.

It doesn’t look very good, but it tasted so yummy!
Then around 10:00-ish, I had the rest of my banana and half a cappuccino.  I’m so glad to work in a department that loves coffee!!

The whole department had a potluck lunch for Jackie’s baby shower.  She is the one who I am filling in for when she goes on maternity leave.  So, I had a little sample of a lot of things and some bigger portions of the stuff that was fantastic.

My plate included a couple bites of pasta salad with peas and ham (I picked out the ham), 4 slices of cheese, a pickle, a grape salad (red grapes, cool whip, coconut, cream cheese…so good), and a ton of veggies with two different types of dip.

It was a great time getting to know some people.  I tried to just stay quiet and get the lay of the land.

Then there was the amazing chocolate torte desert.  Most people were putting cool whip on top, but I put some more grape salad on top.  Grapes are healthy right?  I had half a piece.

Around 3:00, I went back for the other half of my piece of chocolate torte and the grape salad on top.  It was fantastic.

After work, I headed to the gym.  I had some time to kill before Bible study, so I did some weights, focusing on arms.  My arms are tired, but not completely worn out.  It feels good.

After the gym, I had a snacky ‘dinner’ most of which was eaten in the car.

Mango slices
Cheese stick.  I love the cheddar/mozzarella combo.
Kashi Heart to Heart cinnamon cereal.
Bible study was good.  We were talking about Paul choosing Timothy to accompany him in his ministry.  It lead to a great discussion on being a mentor and choosing a mentee.  I feel so blessed to have such an interesting group of people at our Bible study group.  The conversations are always enlightening.
After Bible Study, Tim and I went to Culvers for dessert….per our tradition.  I meant to order a small mixer, but I must have gotten the order wrong because she gave me a medium and it was WAY too much food.  I ordered the flavor of the day….Maple ice cream with peanut butter cups and Heath bar mixed in.  It was good, but now I am uncomfortably full.  I guess I’ll just consider it fuel for my 9 mile run that is scheduled tomorrow.
I am going to catch up on some blog reading and hit the hay.  I am working for a couple hours tomorrow at the assisted living home and then logging my miles.  🙂

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