Ten Mile Tuesday

Today’s 10 mile run was brutal.  It was VERY windy and there were definitely times when I wanted to quit.  It took me forever to finish the 10 miles and all I want to do right now is take a shower and a nap.  Actually, I’d even skip the shower for a longer nap.  Don’t judge me.

My splits were horrible due to the wind.
Mile 1:10:16
Mile 2: 10.11
Mile 3: 9:57
Mile 4: 10:22
Mile 5: 10:26
Mile 6: 10:40
Mile 7: 10:24
Mile 8: 11:06
Mile 9: 10:54
Mile 10: 10:33

I’m really bummed that I only had one split under 10 minutes (barely).  I could blame it on my foot.  Around mile 5 or so, I could feel my foot start to bleed.  It happens every once in a while, but it hadn’t happened in a long time.  It is always my right foot, and it is always my last two or three toes.

It never really hurts, but I can feel the squishy blood between my toes as I run.  Kinda gross, sorry.

On the schedule for the rest of the day….make some homemade peanut butter ice cream, wash our spring comforter (70 degrees late this week), and do some studying.

Happy Tuesday!!

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