Glen Eyrie

I have realized two things about the Glen Eyrie:  this place is gorgeous and I am definitely at elevation.

I walked up to a picnic area a little ways from my room.  I loved these rocks.

The sheer amount of irises in bloom is staggering.  And beautiful.  And it makes the whole place smell strangely like candy.

There are a lot of peaceful sitting areas like this one scattered over the property.

This is a neat little woven vine sitting area, or something.  I almost wanted to crawl in and sit inside.

That is the castle.  It is beautiful and even has a ‘moat’ out front.  I wish I had a room in the castle.  😦

The back of the castle is set up for dining.

I am going to try to clean up a little bit before I go back to the front desk to pick up my conference registration.

The elevation here is a little over 6000 feet.  In comparison, Colby sits at an elevation of 1352 feet.  My goal is to get in about a 7 mile run tomorrow, but I will listen to my body and respect the elevation difference.  (and pause to take a ton of pictures)


One thought on “Glen Eyrie

  1. I can’t believe I’m not there! It looks so beautiful. I could just walk around all day while you were busy. No fair!

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