Where’s my wi-fi

How is it possible that places like the Minneapolis International Airport don’t have free wi-fi.  I think we have gotten to an age where free internet access is assumed to be a right.  Well, no such luck.  I wasn’t expecting much at the tiny Central Wisconsin Airport.  But, I really had higher hopes for Minneapolis.   I think it is ridiculous that I should have to pay an hourly fee for internet access.  Seriously!

Oh, well.  I’m not going to let it ruin my weekend.  The first flight out of Central Wisconsin was uneventful.  Small planes don’t bother me.  And, I was lucky enough to get the first row!  And it was an exit row, so I had plenty of leg room.

The flight from Minneapolis into Colorado Springs was uneventful as well.  I tried to snag a quick nap, but that is nearly impossible on an airplane.  We had a little bit of turbulence on the descent, but it was minor.  The landscape was beautiful and there is still a bit of snow on the mountain tops.

I had a $40 cab ride to get to Glen Eyrie (!) but I made it without incident.  my room was ready for an early check in and there is (finally) free internet.  I am going to hit ‘publish’ an take my camera out for a stroll around the property.

Hope you are having a great Friday and happy birthday to my mom!


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