Hard run, great recovery

So, my 10-mile run pretty much sucked this morning.  I set the alarm for 5:00 and was out the door by about 5:25.  The first few miles were awful and I experienced some intestinal distress.  I guess that I was I get for downing an energy bar 15 minutes before heading out the door and calling it breakfast.

Honestly, I thought my run would end up being about 6 miles.  I figured that I would run to Abbotsford, find a bathroom, and then run back home.  But, as is often the case, I felt better after the bathroom break; not good, but better.

Once I started back home, I thought that I would stop at about 8 miles.  But then I knew that I would just hate myself for not pushing through when the going got tough.  So, I just kept going.  It wasn’t until my lovely Garmin read 9 miles, that I knew I would finish the entire 10 miles I had planned.  And I gotta say, it feels pretty good to have gotten 10 miles in before 7:30.

My splits were nothing to be proud of.  Like I said, this run wasn’t anything fun.  It was just work…I had to log the miles.  There were several walking breaks, especially at the beginning when the stomach issues were pretty bad.

Mile 1: 10:58

Mile 2: 10:35

Mile 3: 10:48

Mile 4: 11:07

Mile 5: 10:34

Mile 6: 10:12

Mile 7: 10:12

Mile 8: 10:12 (how’s that for consistency?!?)

Mile 9: 10:05

Mile 10: 9:56

Ten miles: 1:44:36, average pace: 10:28/mile

As much as I hated this morning’s run, I LOVED this morning’s recovery breakfast….Green Monster!  It has been way too long since I have had one of these beauties.  This morning’s Green Monster was extra special because of the spinach I used.

Yep, I picked it fresh from my garden mere minutes before blending it up.

Fresh spinach is the best!  There really is nothing better.  I picked a couple small handfuls and gave it a rinse and a whirl in the salad spinner (Jaden helped).

In the blender with a few ice cubes.

The last of the strawberries.  (I have to remember to get some more.)

Some flax and a banana.

Give it a whirl.

Green Monster and coffee.  Best.  Breakfast.  Ever.

Jaden and I are off to the dentist this morning for a photo shoot.  🙂  He won a huge stuffed animal as part of their no-cavity-club so a photographer from the newspaper will be there today to take his picture.  He is very excited.  He has been asking me every couple minutes if it is time to go to the dentist yet.  I guess I should go get ready!


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