Bellin Run recap

I got to see Kelly!!!  I haven’t seen this beautiful lady since she left Remuda more than 2 1/2 years ago.  Her parents live in the Green Bay area, and she showed up at the expo on Friday.  I’m just really disappointed that my cell phone didn’t save her phone # so that I could try to connect with her today after the race.  Facebook is awesome for being the conduit for helping us reconnect; even briefly.  Without my favorite social networking site, I never would have known that Kelly was going to be in Green Bay over the weekend.

On to the race.

There were a lot of people.  Really.  A.  Lot.  Of.  People.

I was in wave 3 (out of 8 waves).

The Bellin people really need to talk to the CrazyLegs people.  Today’s start was a mess.  There were too many people in too small and restricted of an area.  There were 6 waves of runners and a wave each of strollers and walkers.  They didn’t do a good job of lining people up before the gun went off.  They had flags designating the general area where each wave should stand, but there were still lower-wave runners trying to sneak into the higher waves.  Compare:

Jason and I took a pre-race photo:

and a post race photo:

I was working his GNC booth helping to pass out samples.

The race itself had over 18,000 participants, a new record for the Bellin.  There was talk of eventually having to cap the race at 25,000 runners.  I would hope that they would get better organized before they get any more runners.

As the different waves were starting, the announcers would let us know where the leaders were.  The first runner made it to Mile 1 in 4:16!!  They were past Mile 2 before my wave got the starting gun.

The course was great.  It was mostly flat and there were very few bottlenecks along the route.

We started with more than a 2 mile straight-away before circling back to the finish.  Around mile 4, we got rained on for a little while, but it was actually kind of nice.  I thought the weather was perfect.  It was overcast which helped to keep me from overheating.  (As you guys know, I am a sweat-er.)  there were a few nice people spraying a mist onto the runners from their garden hoses.

I was really pleased with the way I ran the race.  There were a few times when I looked down at my trusty Garmin and saw that I was running a wee bit too fast (sub 9:00 min/mile) and tried to get myself to slow down.  I was a little hard to find a comfortable pace.  My legs really wanted to go, but I wanted to make sure that I had enough left to finish strong.  Without further ado, the stats:

Mile 1: 9:20

Mile 2: 9:28

Mile 3: 9:04 (WHAT?!?)

Mile 4: 9:28

Mile 5: 9:30

Mile 6: 9:06 (WHAT?!?)

Mile 6-6.24: 1:50 (7:48 pace!!!)

6.24 miles: 57:45 Average pace 9:16/mile.

Officially:  240th out of 1138 in my age group and 1478 out of 8781 overall for the women.

But, here is the clincher.  My split at the 5K mark would have been a PR by 14 seconds!!!  And, another goal that I had was that no one (i.e. the elites) would finish ahead of my 5K time.

My 5K split was 28:52.

Here is another great thing that the folks at Bellin do.  Once the race is finished, you can have your personal results printed out.  You stand in line until it is your turn at one of the computers, and a race volunteer will print you a little receipt with your info.  Very cool.

Overall, I would definitely run the Bellin again.  But I do hope that they find a way to be more organized at the start.  If I didn’t have the CrazyLegs experience to draw on, I probably wouldn’t be as disappointed.  But, I know that it can be done!

That is all for now, friends.  I hope you are having a fantastic weekend.

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