Jaden’s Bellin Run

Yesterday, Jaden and I went over to Green Bay to participate in the 34th annual Bellin Run.  On the way, we stopped by a river to take some pictures.

We found ‘uncle’ Jason at his GNC booth and Jaden was very excited to see him….and to get the cool hat.

Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t really cooperating for the outdoor expo.  All the exhibitors were under tents, but the grass was wet and it was miserably humid.  We hung out with Jason for a while and then it was time to get ready for the kid’s run.

Jaden has a unique pre-race ritual.

Who am I to judge?  I guess everyone has their own way to prepare!

Jaden ran in the 4-and-under group.  There were several hundred kids (and parents) running the 1/4 mile course.  Although, as I was running alongside Jaden, trying to take pictures, I thought it was the longest 1/4 mile of my life.

So many of the kids ran the race holding a parent’s hand.  Jaden (aka Mr. Independent) bravely soldiered on even when he lost sight of me.  He was focused!

I’ve come to the conclusion that he takes much better race photos than I do.

He was exhausted when he crossed the finish line.  But the Bellin folks did a great job of keeping the kids moving.  They even had a chute for all the kids to walk through where they got the medal and race swag.

Jaden and Brady showing off their medals.

Jason and Brady after the race.

Getting some autographs from the elite runners.  Jaden was totally working the elites.  Jason and I decided that he has a future in sales!

After a crazy day of driving, running and standing in the rain, it was nice to end my night with this.  That is Tyler Matthew and he is wonderful.

Here is the video of Jaden’s race. Please excuse the choppiness and everything.  It was quite a challenge to record.

I’ll be back with the recap of my Bellin Run experience.


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