Bike fitting

Tonight Tim and I went down to The Sports Den in Marshfield to get fitted for some road bikes.

The guy we worked with really knew his stuff.  It was great to learn about the different features of the bikes and how the measurements are determined.  I tried a couple different bikes, but the one that fit the best was the women’s 56cm.  I’m not interested in a particular brand, and I will probably end up buying whatever costs the least.

Tim also got fitted.

His best fit was the men’s 56cm bike.  Again, we will probably end up buying the bike that is the least expensive.  It is nice to know that there are so many ways that the bike can be adjusted to get the best fit.  I thought that all you could do was raise or lower the seat.  Boy was I ignorant!  Once we do get bikes, we will definitely go back to The Sports Den to get our bikes adjusted.

I also picked up a helmet.  Tim has a helmet and Jaden has a helmet, but I needed a helmet.  I felt like a bit of a hypocrite making Jaden wear his helmet when I don’t even own one.

Jaden stayed pretty well occupied in the store….meaning, one of us had to follow him around constantly to make sure he didn’t break something.


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