I miss my oatmeal

I did a really easy 3 mile run on the treadmill this morning.  While I was running, Jaden decided to put on his socks and shoes and come down to ride his bike in the basement.  I love the ensemble he put together.

He looks like a future NBA star, right?

On to breakfast.  I have really missed my oatmeal lately.  I’ve had the instant stuff and it works in a pinch, but there is nothing better than a steaming bowl of home cooked oats.  And I was CRAVING it this morning.  I’m pretty sure it was all I thought about during my 3 miles.

I ordered this PB2 after seeing it on some other blogs.  It is a peanut powder that you mix with water or milk or anything else to make peanut butter.  Basically, they squeeze all the oil out of the peanuts (and 85% of the fat and calories) and just leave the peanuts.  It is so good.  I’ve added it to my banana soft serve and it’s so yummy.

Also in the mix…bananas, flax, and dried berries.

Yum.  That is a picture of Brooklyn.  She died back in March. But I like to think she is licking her lips in delight at my oatmeal.


2 thoughts on “I miss my oatmeal

  1. I have heard of the PB2 it sounds really good. Is it healthier than using actual peanutbutter – fat wise? Just curious! Also, is it pretty spendy? I thought I had heard that. But sounds sooooo good!

    • It is a little spendy. But I am addicted to peanut butter and if I can get my hands on it with 85% less fat and calories, I am definitely going to take advantage. I ordered a 4-pack…3 regular PB2 and 1 chocolate PB2. $30 dollars well-spent. 🙂

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