Fifteen miles

Fifteen miles!  I’m so proud of myself.  Today is actually the one-year anniversary of when I first started running…and keeping track of my running, and having a plan with races to compete in.  Last year on June 16th, I ran 1.58 miles.  I would say that there has been some improvement since then.  🙂

Here are the stats for today’s run

Mile 1: 10:22
Mile 2: 10:19
Mile 3: 10:25
Mile 4: 10:34
Mile 5: 10:29
Mile 6: 10:14   GU
Mile 7: 10:04
Mile 8: 10:18
Mile 9: 10:28
Mile 10: 10:19
Mile 11: 10:04  GU
Mile 12: 10:06
Mile 13: 10:36
Mile 14: 10:29
Mile 15: 10:34

Total: 2:35:20.  Average pace: 10:21/mile

I am really happy with my pace and my splits.  My fastest mile and my slowest mile were only 32 seconds apart.  And they occurred within two miles of each other.

I made a couple of changes today.  I added some Gatorade to my water bottles and I do think it helped.  It was probably a ratio of 1/3 Gatorade to 2/3 water.  I also stopped to fill up my water bottles after my GU just before mile 7.  The other thing that I tried was to take the GU’s before I needed them.  Usually I wait until my energy starts waning before I rip into some fuel (around mile 8 or so).  I certainly think that taking the GU early was a big help.  I am going to be keeping that in mind in the future.  I will probably continue with the Gatorade too.

I was very pleased that I didn’t have any stomach problems during the run.  I even altered my route, so that I would spend the first 3 miles or so in town.  If I’m going to have issues, they usually start at the beginning of the run.  But, no problems today!!  I’m beginning to think that the stomach problems might stem from my addiction to peanut butter; and the fact that I usually include some in my pre-run breakfast.  Today I skipped it in my oatmeal, and no stomach worries for 15 miles.  There might be something to this.

During the second half of the run, I had to stop a few time to stretch my left hip.  It gets painfully tight and I end up with a stabbing pain in the joint.  I usually find something along the road to hold on to for balance and try to stretch it out.  If I can get a really good stretch, I should be okay for the next couple miles.

Another bummer was the formation of a blister on the second toe of my right foot.  You may remember, that I only seem to have problems with my right foot.  This blister (or, more accurately, series of blisters) are on the tip of my toe.  Not severely painful, but uncomfortable; especially if I am running down even the slightest of hills.  My diagnosis is that my right foot is slightly longer than my left.  (Genius, I know!)

When I got home from my run, I literally collapsed in the entry way.  I didn’t even let the dogs out first and I could hear them whimpering.  I was lying on my back, trying to stretch my hips and hamstrings…and get my shoes off.  When I finally did get up to let the dogs out, Penny proceeded to lick as much salty sweat off my legs as possible.  Crazy dog!

Post-run sweaty mess.

Post-run fuel.  Green monster!!  Two slices of butterscotch bread with Almond butter (if I can’t have it before the run, I’m going to have it afterwards)

What’s on the schedule for the rest of the day?  A nap?  Probably not.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Oh, one more thing.  This 15 mile run took me over 500 miles for the year.  I’m halfway to my goal of 1000 miles in 2010!


2 thoughts on “Fifteen miles

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  2. Happy run-iversary! And way to knock out 500 miles! That is AWESOME!! I liked reading your review of taking the gu’s and when, I still haven’t had a gu yet, but will be getting up in the higher milage soon. Glad to hear what works and doesn’t. Thanks!

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