It’s that time again


Since our house is the drop spot, I have the distinct pleasure of seeing Kat every Thursday afternoon.  Today, I found out she is a runner.  🙂  Well, technically, she is a runner on hiatus until after her baby comes next month.  I also get to spend time with Dawn and Taj when they come to pick up their box on Thursdays.  Today, they came a little earlier and we sat outside and visited and let the boys be boys.  And….she brought me some strawberries!!

They are so sweet and juicy and delicious.  Jaden had a bowl of them almost immediately.

This week’s CSA bounty looks great (as usual).

Chinese cabbage (that will be going into tonight’s stir fry), Kale and salad mix.  I’ll have to start looking for kale recipes.  Several blogs that I read have interesting recipes for kale ‘chips.’  That might be what I try.

Snap and Snow Peas, Garlic scapes (LOVE these!), spring turnips carrots and strawberries.  Most of the above (minus the strawberries) will also end up in tonight’s stir fry.

Saturday is the CSA Pancake Breakfast and pea pick.  I am going to take Jaden over there after my 5K race in Auburndale that morning.  I hope he actually helps pick some of the peas.

Okay, guys and girls.  Enough downtime for me.  I have veggies to prep!


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