Up and At ‘Em!

By the time you are reading this, I will be out conquering my longest run to-date.  Today brings an 18-miler!  I’m excited and nervous.  I planned ahead.  I did yoga last night and stretched to loosen up my hips and I will be doing the same before hitting the pavement.  I put some water bottles in the freezer before bed last night and topped them off in the morning with some Gatorade.  I never thought that I would be a Gatorade drinker, but I really think it helped with last week’s 15 mile run.  I felt really good during the entire thing.

I also have a friend on the other side of town who is putting a bottle of ice water in her mailbox for me in the morning to pick up as I run by.  What great friends I have.  I warned her that I may end up stopping to use her bathroom.  🙂

Jaden is going to day care for a half day this morning so that I can get my run in, then I will be picking him up to hopefully run some quick errands with me this afternoon.  I desperately need to schedule a hair cut.  It has been a year since I’ve seen my regular stylist.  I’m not sure that I even qualify to deserve a stylist with how little I take care of my hair.  I’d actually love to get some color done too (to cover up the gray), but I don’t think I can afford it right now.

I will be back with a recap of the 18 miles later.  Have a great Thursday morning!


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