Auby Boogaloo recap (5K PR)

I love small-town races.  They are so…..small.

I got to the course about 40 minutes before the start time, and they were still setting up outside the gym (where the registration table was).  I guess I wouldn’t have to fight the crowds.  🙂

It took me about 30 seconds to get my swag bag and I had to laugh at one of the things in the bag.

“Hugs are better than drugs.”  I thought for a moment that they might have had these stored somewhere for the last 20 years or so.

Start and finish line with the ‘official’ clock.  No timing chips at this race.  🙂

More registration.  Big benefit of small town races….close parking spots!!

Look—my race number is my birthday….April ’78.

Pre-race…ready to go!

It was so warm and humid, even for an 8:00 a.m. start.  As per my usual, I started out way too fast.  I knew that I wanted to PR and I was really confident that my speed had improved since my last PR (29:06 last August).  So I basically sprinted when the gun went off.  I checked my Garmin a few hundred meters in and saw that I was running a sub-7:00 minute mile.  Yikes!  For me that is sprinting.  I knew that I had to slow down.  I kept trying to rein in my legs, but they were itching that first 1/2 mile.  It was about that point when I realized that running a really fast 5K less than 48 hours after running an 18 mile training run is not a good idea.

My legs were burning from the half-mile point.  I knew that this was going to be a very painful PR.  I wasn’t concerned about my ability to PR.  I knew that I could run at a more comfortable pace and still PR (as evidenced by my 5K split at the Bellin 10K a couple weeks ago).  But I wanted more than just beating my old PR.  I wanted to prove to myself that I could really run faster than I had before.  I have always considered myself a 10:00 minute miler.  And, for my long training runs, I average mile splits between 10-11 minutes.  I’m totally fine with that.  For my last few mid-distance races (6 mile and 10K), I ran sub-10 minute miles and felt really good about  myself.  But, I never really knew how fast I could go in a 5K.  Today I (sort-of) found out.

26:55.  But I hate that the course was a little short (3.06).  This was their first year at this start/finish, so I hope that by next year they will fix the length.  Still, I’m pretty happy with a sub-27 5K.  My goal was sub-28.  And considering that the race got more and more painful as I went, I’m pretty happy with myself.  Here are some more stats.

You can see by the course map, that it was an out and back course.  I typically hate out-and-backs.  But this one wasn’t awful.  There wasn’t really any wind to worry about and there weren’t any hills.  It’s just boring to run for a mile and half and then turn around and go back.  The graph that I really hate is the top right.  It shows my time going up, up, up.  There was just nothing I could do to get my legs to move any faster.  It was disheartening because mentally, I wanted to go faster, cardiovascularly, I knew I could go faster.  But my legs were just too tired.

Mile 1: 8:24

Mile 2: 8:59

Mile 3: 9:10

Mile 3-3.06: 22 sec (6:48 pace)

I know that this 5K PR will be with me for a while.  I am committed to training for my marathon in September.  I won’t be doing much speed work; instead focusing on increasing the mileage to be able to finish the 26.2 miles.  Prior to that race, I will be running two 5Ks with my husband!  I can’t wait.  His first race is in three weeks and it is our hometown course…The Chariots of Cheese! Then, two weeks after that, we are going to run the inaugural 5K run at Lambeau Field. It is the kickoff to training camp!  I also have another half marathon in August.  I’ll be running the Madison Mini Marathon on the 21st.  My only goal for this one is to run it better than my first half marathon.

My race schedule is still up in the air for after the marathon.  I’m hoping to run the Staten Island Half Marathon in October with my sis-in-law, but other than that, I will probably rest my legs a bit.  My runs will be shorter and more technical.  That way I can get another 5K PR in the spring!


7 thoughts on “Auby Boogaloo recap (5K PR)

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  5. First of all, congrats on a 5K PR! You did awesome! I am the queen of starting out to fast, I feel your pain:) My husband is on a golfing trip the weekend of the Madison Mini…otherwise I would be running that one with you! Maybe next year:)

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