CSA Pancake breakfast

Stoney Acres Farm throws a pretty good breakfast.  Actually, for me it was more of a brunch after my 5K this morning.  I picked Jaden up from some friends of ours who had graciously volunteered to watch him while I ran (thanks Tom and Diana!) and we headed over to Athens to find the farm!

I was really looking forward to some homecooked pancakes after my run.  I was hungry!

Jaden got in line first and had a pancake and some scrambled eggs.  We skipped the pork sausage.  🙂

There was quite a turnout.

The red-head is Kat.  She’s the lovely CSA-er who comes over every Thursday with our veggies.  We really like her.

I think he liked it!

We had so much fun.  We even went to see the chickens.

And Jaden wanted to see the tractor and the hay wagon.

Then we picked some peas and strawberries.

I used the peas along with a lot of other CSA veggies (carrots, turnips, turnip greens) in tonight’s dinner.  I sauteed all the veggies in some yellow curry and served it with naan.  So good! I can’t wait to go to Madison the first week in July to get more curry.

So, that was our Saturday.  What did you do?


2 thoughts on “CSA Pancake breakfast

  1. Your pancake breakfast/brunch looks like a ton of fun! I have a four year old and we named him Brayden:) There are so many names with the den at the end. Aiden, Caiden, Brayden and Jayden! We have some friends who named their two year old Jayden:)

  2. What fun for you and Jaden! We missed our CSA farm day yesterday because I had to work…and I wanted to enjoy our first sport free Saturday by doing nothing. Congrats on the 5K as well.

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