My growing boy

Today’s training plan called for 5 miles.  I had a date with the treadmill, since Jaden is home with me this morning.  I’ll be going into work a bit later for more training/orientation.

I had just gone down to start running, and was no more than 1/2 a mile into my run, than I heard Jaden yelling from the top of the stairs.  Usually he yells that he wants something to drink, or some yogurt, or he wants to watch a specific show while I’m running.  I’ve gotten to the point where he knows that if he wants me to answer him, he needs to come down the stairs and talk to me so that I can hear him.  This is what I expected this morning.  It is not what I got.

Jaden kept saying that I had to come up because something happened and I needed to see it.  I tried to get him to be a bit more forthcoming with the details, but the little guy wouldn’t give me anything else to go on.  I was picturing all sorts of potential disasters as I walked up the stairs.  He was already MIA.  I called for him and he was in the bathroom looking guilty.  The poor guy doesn’t have many accidents anymore, but apparently, he wasn’t feeling all that well this morning.

He looked at me with his big puppy-dog eyes and quickly informed me that he would have to take a bath.  I’m wondering if it was all a ruse to get to play in the tub.  Hmmm…..

I decided to get him in the tub, clean him up and then let him play for a while as I continued my run.  I even set his towel next to the tub and told him that when he was done, he could dry himself off to show me what a big boy he was.  I headed back downstairs to resume my run.

Every once in a while I would hear splashing and sliding in the tub above my head.  Then I heard the water draining out and a few minutes later I heard the scampering of little feet.  Pretty soon, Jaden was heading downstairs, completely dressed (and matching) to tell me that he had finished his bath and even dried himself off.  He was pretty proud of himself.  And I come to the realization the my little guy was growing up.

So, I cut my run a mile short to come upstairs and play with the little man.  Now, I need to get in the shower so I’m not late for work.

Happy Monday everyone!  We are heading to a BBQ tonight with some families from church.  Many pictures will follow.


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