Finding inspiration from Finding Nemo

How is it that I ran 18 miles last week and felt pretty good the whole time, and today I had a 13 miler that was awful?  I almost quit after the first 10K.  I’m not even sure what kept me going.  I was tired, my left hip and knee were bothering me, I felt sluggish and just wanted to give up.  But instead, I told myself to ‘just keep swimming!’

When I got a little over half-way through, I knew that I didn’t want to go anywhere that was too far away (in case I really did decide to quit), so I started doing loops around town.  I did two loops that were about 2.25 miles.  Then I did two loops that were about .75 miles.  I finally got to the point where I just had a little over a mile left so I headed for home.

Mile 1:  9:54
Mile 2:  10:07
Mile 3:  10:19
Mile 4:  10:25
Mile 5:  10:29
Mile 6:  10:54
Mile 7:  10:38
Mile 8:  10:27
Mile 9:  10:18
Mile 10:  10:24
Mile 11:  10:29
Mile 12:  10:25
Mile 13:  10:47

2:15:39  Average pace 10:26/mile

I had a pretty decent breakfast of oatmeal before my run, so I just had one GU between mile 7 and 8.  When I came home I made myself a Green Monster and a piece of toast with almond butter.

I tried a blister pad on the second toe of my right foot.  I have a (permanent?) blister on the tip of that toe.  It doesn’t bother me a lot when I run, but it looks pretty nasty and I’m trying to do everything I can to keep it from getting worse.  Well, the blister pad gets two enthusiastic thumbs down!  😦  I had high hopes but it just didn’t deliver.  Within the first couple miles, I could feel the band-aid part starting to come unstuck.  I was afraid I was going to have to stop and take it off because I could feel it rubbing between my toes.  Eventually it got to a point where I couldn’t really feel it that much.  I think I’m getting another blister on my right foot.  This one is on the inside of my big toe.  I have decided that I hate my right foot.  I don’t know what to do to get rid of this annoying problem.  I can’t afford to buy two pairs of shoes so that the right one can be half a size bigger.  And I never take enough time off to let my blisters completely heal.  ARGH!

Any suggestions???

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