June update

I can’t believe that June is already over.  I feel like the summer is flying by!  I want to hold on to the summer and not let it get away from me.

Just wanted to give an update on my June mileage.  I had actually thought that the mileage would be a bit higher, but I did take some ‘relaxing’ time after May’s Madison Half Marathon.   So, I was able to end June with 117.8 miles.  I’m pretty proud of myself. 

I don’t know exactly what July will hold.  I am doing a couple 5Ks (here and here)  August has a few more long runs and another half marathon.  As of today, I am 80 days from my marathon!

I wish that July was getting off to a better start.  I have decided to skip today’s scheduled 4 mile run.  I am pretty exhausted and my legs don’t feel their best.  I think a day of rest is exactly what they need.  And you know that I am all about listening to my body!  🙂


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