That’s a wrap

I made it to Madison this afternoon without any problems (thanks to the trusty GPS!).  I got checked into the hotel and then decided to head across town to a farmers market.  It was small but adorable.

I ended up skipping the veggies since I won’t be going home until Friday (and I’ll have our new CSA box then).  But I did talk to a couple of the cheese makers who were there.  The best way to find out if a cheese is rennet-free?  Talk to the ones who make it!  I ended up picking some tomato basil cheddar.   The sample was so good that I couldn’t pass it up.  And since my hotel room has a refrigerator, I knew it would be okay until I head home on Friday.

After the farmers market, I went to a cute little restaurant called Bean Sprouts.  I had purchased a Groupon for it online and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try it.

The place was so adorable….and really geared toward kids.  Which I think is a great way to get kids more interested in veggies.

Even the bathrooms were adorable.

I ordered a Mediterranean wrap with spinach, zucchini, tomatoes, onions, edamame and broccoli with hummus and balsamic vinaigrette.  It came with a side order of edamame.  Seriously, the best wrap ever!  It was so good.


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