The longest 10K ever

I’ve decided that the hardest 10K in the entire world are the last 6.2 miles of a marathon.  I ran 20 miles this morning (!) and I can’t even imagine adding another 10K to the end.  But, it is what I’m going to have to do.  Good thing I have 68 days until the Fox Cities Marathon.  I hope I’ll be ready by then.

(post run glow)

Today’s run was mostly mental.  I kept making deals with myself to get me to keep running.  I’d tell myself that in another 1/2 mile I could take a walking break.  And I took a lot of walking breaks.  I don’t plan on running the entire marathon.  I know that I will have to strategically plan my walk breaks….probably around the water stops.  That serves two purposes.  It gives me a chance to catch my breath for a bit and it guarantees that most of the water that I get at the water stop will end up in my mouth rather than down the front of me.

So, today I started with a plan to include walking breaks.  I figured that every 2-3 miles I would take a 30-60 second walking break.  It worked for the first few miles, but then the walking breaks starting coming more frequently.

Here are the stats:

Mile 1: 10:25
Mile 2: 10:24
Mile 3: 10:22
Mile 4: 10:54
Mile 5: 11:01
Mile 6: 10:37            GU
Mile 7: 11:01
Mile 8: 10:33
Mile 9: 11:13
Mile 10: 10:50
Mile 11: 10:41
Mile 12: 11:02        GU
Mile 13: 10:36
Mile 14: 11:20
Mile 15: 11:14
Mile 16: 11:03        GU
Mile 17: 11:15
Mile 18: 11:44
Mile 19: 11:07
Mile 20: 10:44

Twenty miles: 3:38:01 Average pace 10:54

Like I said, I took a lot of walking breaks, but I also had to stop several time to refill my water bottles.  I kept the Garmin running during the walking breaks, but I did stop them when I refilled my water bottles and stopped to use the bathroom.

I also had to do a lot of stretching of my left hip, as per usual.  And I had to stop once to stretch out my left calf muscle.  It was getting really tight and starting to hurt on every step.  I think that was around mile 15.

When I got home, I really wanted to stretch; so I got an old towel and plopped myself on the floor to try to get some good stretching in…especially my hips.  Unfortunately, I had a couple distractions.

There is really nothing like animal hair sticking to your nasty, dirty, sweaty, exhausted body.  Ick!

After a quick shower, I made the worlds best recovery drink…

Today’s Green Monster had spinach (of course), raspberries, black raspberries, half a banana, flax and ice cubes.  Yummy!  I spent the last 6 miles of my run salivating over the green monster I was going to make.  It was delightful.


4 thoughts on “The longest 10K ever

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  2. Wow! Good job girly on your 20 miles. This was so inspiring for me to read – as I still have a few 20 miles to look forward to in my future. I agree that walking breaks are a must – I just can’t imagine running for several hours without a break. You still had great times on all your miles so good for you. And I think having the GM as your prize for finishing is great. I do the same thing! 🙂

  3. Awesome job on your 20 miler!! I have yet to try a green monster…must try sometime soon:) Keep up the great work!

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