Thursday is….

CSA day!!!

Typically, I try to make a stir fry on Thursday nights with all the yummy CSA veggies in the new box (and use up any leftovers from last week’s box).  But today, I had to work late and then I went to the Colby Library for the annual Book Sale!  It is my favorite event of the year.  This year I really had a lot of restraint.  I bought a couple books for Jaden, a vegetarian cookbook and a couple books for me.  All for $2.00!  I’m a bargain shopper!

Back to the veggies

Salad mix and kale.  I still have kale from last week.  I need some kale recipes STAT to use up all this kale.  Please help.

Kohlrabi, broccoli and mint.

Summer squash, turnips and raspberries (the last of the season, boo).

Those raspberries won’t last long at all.  I’m already imagining them in my oatmeal tomorrow.

This weekend is Colby Cheese Days.  It is a pretty typical Midwestern carnival experience.  There will be greasy food, all sorts of rides for the kids, tractor pulls and a parade.  But the highlight of the weekend for us will be the Chariots of Cheese 5K race on Saturday morning.  It is the event that Tim has been training for.  I can’t wait for him to finish his first race.  I’m pretty sure that I am going to be struggling to keep up with him.  I just haven’t been feeling it lately.  Every run seems to be a challenge.  But, I don’t want to slow him down, so if I can’t keep up, I’ll send him on ahead of me.  I’ll be sure to let you all know how it goes.

Now, send me those kale recipes!!


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