The things we do for our kids

We spent much of the day at Colby Cheese Days.  And it was hot.  And there were a lot of people.  And there was greasy fair food.  And there were friends.  And there were rides.  And there was more greasy fair food.  And fun was had by all.

Getting some pointers from Dad before the pedal tractor pull.

Brady checked it out too.  He’ll be big enough next year.

Go Jaden, Go!!

He did a great job, but didn’t place in his age group.  He still got a pretty cool ribbon.

Big slide.  He was scared to walk up the huge steps, but had a great time on the way down.

Tim was in a spinning apple ride with about 4 or 5 kids.  He said it was like an oven in there.  Glad it was him and not me.

Not sure why he chose to sit on the bench instead of on a horse.  Looks like he still had fun, though.

After a day of lots of greasy food (mostly cheese curds for me…not a lot of veggie options) and ice cream, my body was craving one thing when I got home.

Green Monster!!

Spinach, strawberries, banana, black raspberries and raspberries.  So good.  I wasn’t feeling hungry but I knew that my body would love some actual nutrients.  And it tasted great!


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