Fear foods

Some of you who know my history, might think that this post is heading a certain direction; I assure you it isn’t.  This post is a blatant scream for help.  There are foods I am afraid of.  Not of eating them, but of preparing them!  Since going vegetarian, I have encountered some ‘different’ foods and I have become pretty good at preparing them.  I’ve made seitan tacos, tempeh spaghetti sauce and tofu casseroles.  And I’ve had a lot of success.  Even my carnivorous husband has eaten what I’ve made; and loved it!

So, what is this mystery food that has me shaking in my boots?

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Polenta!  I have no idea what to do with it.  I have seen some great recipes online and I read about all sorts of bloggers creating mouthwatering entrees with polenta.  But, I will freely admit: I’m scared of polenta!  I just don’t know what I’m supposed to do. 

Do I cook it as a grain?  As a side dish?  As a meat-substitute?  How should I season it?  What do I serve with it?  Do I bake it?  Boil it?  Fry it? 

It has been a long time since I have had such a hard time with a food.  I see it at the grocery store.  It comes in different flavors.  That is another thing that confuses me.  Where does it come from?

Can you please help me with my polenta dilemma?


One thought on “Fear foods

  1. Hey there Miss Heather,
    Poletna is basically yellow corn grits. They are considered a grain. You can buy them in the prepaired form like you have pictured above or like regular grits that you have to add liquid to. I often see them as a side dish in a loose form similar to mash potatoes. I’ve seen the prepaired version sliced, heated and then served with a sauce over the top. I haven’t experimented with them too much. I’ve bought them in bulk once and mixed them up using milk for a little creamier texture and corn. I also purchased the prepaired kind and served with a marinara sauce over them and they were both pretty good. Let me know if you make something yummy 🙂

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