Top Ten List

Top 5 reasons why today’s 18 mile run sucked:

1)  It was only 11 miles

2)  I ran with a lot of hip pain (and some intestinal distress)

3)  My mile splits were painfully slow

4)  I started to doubt my ability to finish the marathon

5)  I gave up after 11 miles–and I hate giving up

Mile 1: 10:20
Mile 2: 10:47
Mile 3: 11:20
Mile 4: 10:46
Mile 5: 10:48
Mile 6: 10:52
Mile 7: 10:25
Mile 8: 10:19
Mile 9: 10:48
Mile 10: 10:59
Mile 11:  10:38

Average pace 10:44/mile
Total time: 1:58:03

Top 5 reasons why I’m still going to consider today a success:

1)  After my disappointing run, I decided to do a few miles on the bike

2)  I discovered that biking doesn’t aggravate my hip like running

3)  I didn’t allow myself to get depressed over not being able to finish the 18 miles

4)  I listened to my body and stopped when the pain told me to

5)  I got to enjoy a Green Monster after my workout!

In the mix: hand full of strawberries, half a peach, some frozen banana pieces, ice and spinach.  So good.

Here are the bike stats:

Mile 1: 6:36
Mile 2: 5:28
Mile 3: 5:19
Mile 4: 6:04
Mile 5: 4:25 (downhill)
Mile 6: 4:49
Mile 7: 5:32
Mile 7-7.23: 1:25 (6:12 pace)

Average pace:  5:29/mile
Total time: 39:38

I hope you are all having a wonderful Tuesday.  I’m off to a doctor’s appointment this afternoon.  See ya!


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