CSA day

It’s Thursday.  How can it be that we have another CSA delivery today?  We still have a TON of veggies left from last week’s box.  I am definitely falling behind in the veggie preparation.  So much so, that this week I will be sharing the bounty with some friends.  We are going out of town for the weekend, which would put us even further behind, so I am going to be handing off some veggies tomorrow before we leave.

This week’s box was a good one and brought two of my favorites.

carrots, garlic and cucumbers

(more) beans, kale, chives and EGGPLANT!!!!  (I love that shiny purple vegetable)

more summer squash (which we love on pizzas) and red potatoes!!

One of the reasons why we have fallen behind is because of the way I have been feeling lately.  I am so exhausted and by the time I get home from work, I have no energy to make anything for dinner.  Even if I did, my stomach is so queasy that nothing actually sounds appetizing.  I keep trying to make interesting meals, but the other day Jaden said “we’re having this again?”  Tim told him that because of the baby in mommy’s belly, sometimes mommy could only eat certain foods.  Poor kid.  He’s going to end up resenting his little brother or sister because of the food he has to eat.

I’m really hoping that once I get past this first trimester, things will get better.  I hope that I’ll have some more energy and I’ll be more interested in cooking again.

I mentioned that Tim and I are heading out of town this weekend.  We are taking Jaden over to my cousin’s place in Appleton.  On Saturday, Tim and I (and my cousin Jason) are all going to run the inaugural Green Bay Packers 5K. After the race, we can stay and watch the Packers practice and I think they will even sign some autographs for the kids.  It should be a lot of fun.  And we really love spending time with Jason and Anne and their boys.  I just wish they lived closer.

Here is a random photo of my son doing a random thing:


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