A compromise

I went to see the sports med doc this morning.  She basically told me everything that I expected to hear:  my hip pain stems from a bio-mechanical problem that will require physical therapy and adaptation to get better.  It isn’t a problem that a cortisone shot will make better, even in the short term.  She said that a shot might give me some relief, but it might not.

I just gave her the sob story.  I just wanted to get through the half marathon next week and the full marathon in 5 weeks.  She agreed that I wouldn’t be able to change my running mechanics in such a short time to alleviate the pain; so we compromised.  I agreed to start physical therapy and she said that she would give me one cortisone shot.  She wasn’t completely comfortable giving me a shot because of the pregnancy; even after I told her that I had discussed it with, and gotten the okay from, my OB.

So, I got prepped and injected.  Jaden watched the whole thing.  I wasn’t sure he would want to, but I asked him to come to the other side of the room and he insisted that he would stay out of the way, but that he wanted to watch.    The next available physical therapy appointment is in a week and a half, so I will have to wait a while for that.  She did give me a list of stretches for my IT band so I’ll have to be the good patient and make sure that I do my stretches.  I know that I’ll be getting a bunch more when I start physical therapy.

I’ve also been told to use moist heat on that hip…except for today.  Post-injection she wants me to put ice on it.  (I’m going to go get an ice pack right now.)  I don’t have a lot of hope that I will be able to run my next two races without the pain that I have been experiencing, but I hope with the physical therapy and some rest, that next year’s racing season will be pain free.

As for now, I’m going to ice my hip and then prep some eggplant parmigiana for dinner.

2 thoughts on “A compromise

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