I’m really sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I remember when I had energy and I want it back!  I know that the first trimester is a time of complete and utter exhaustion, but I should be getting to the end of that any day now.  And I can’t wait!  And, I would really like my healthy appetite back.  I’ve been indulging in way too many sweets and not nearly enough veggies.  Which is a shame because just look at the bounty that awaits me each week.

Basil and Swiss Chard....the basis for my yummy pesto

Lots and lots of tomatoes

A plethora of cucumbers, squash and onions

Isn't that a great carrot?!

Carrots and potatoes


Tonight I’m roasting a bunch of eggplant, broccoli (from last week’s box), squash and onions to put on some pizzas for dinner.  I’m roasting extra veggies so that we can have them with some pasta when I get back from Madison on Saturday…after my half marathon.

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