Holy Tomatoes

Being part of a CSA is like having Christmas once a week.  You’re never sure exactly what you’re going to get.  Some of it will be fantastic and some of it will leave you scratching your head wondering what in the heck you’re going to do with that!

Enter, this week’s box:

Seriously, have you ever seen tomatoes that big?

They are huge and heavy and smell really good.  But, I’m not sure what to do with them.  I don’t think I can eat them fresh.  I’ll never be able to find a way to eat that much fresh tomato before they surpass their prime.  I’m the only one in my house who likes fresh tomatoes.

Any suggestions?  I’m thinking of whipping up a batch of salsa.  With tomatoes this size, I’ll only need the two of them!  And, I got some other ingredients in the box!!

Eggplant, (a ton of) parsley, more tomatoes and some garlic.

I’m not a huge fan of parsley.  I guess I need ideas here too.  Can I just chop it up and throw it in pretty much anything?

Sweet corn, cucumbers, a couple small zucchini and some summer squash.

I think I’m going to make some veggie lasagne to put in the freezer.  Between the eggplant, zucchini and summer squash, it should be perfect.  (maybe I’ll add some parsley.)

Tomatillos, onions, a Hungarian hotwax pepper (medium hot), a jalapeno pepper (hot) and cranberry beans.

With this mix, I’m definitely thinking salsa.  We even got a tomatillo salsa recipe with our CSA newsletter this week.  And it suggests adding some parsley!  🙂

The cranberry beans pose an interesting dilemma.  According to our CSA newsletter, cranberry beans are ‘halfway between snap beans and dry beans.  You can boil or steam them and then they can be used in salads, stir fry dishes or even spreads.’

You don’t eat the shell….which means the wonderful task of shelling beans.  😦  But they are pretty.  I wonder if I could find a dip or something to make with them…something hummus-like.  I’ll bet it would be beautiful with that pink color of the beans.  I guess I’m off to scour the internet for cranberry bean recipes.  Can anyone offer any suggestions?  I take requests!

I am planning a 10 mile run in the morning…my longest since last week’s half marathon.  It is supposed to be really cool tomorrow morning.  It is nice to know that I don’t have to be on the road before the sun comes up to beat the heat.  I’ll enjoy an extra half hour of sleep; assuming I don’t have to get up to go to the bathroom.

Enjoy the rest of your week!


4 thoughts on “Holy Tomatoes

  1. beautiful produce! Have you ever roasted tomatoes? I love to do that with olive oil and garlic at a low heat for a couple of hours….then I freeze them.

  2. I think you should make what my aunt calls a “fresh tomato sauce” for pasta. Here’s how it goes:

    Chop up the tomatoes and try to get the seeds and liquid out so you just have meaty pieces. Saute some e.v. olive oil and garlic & maybe some read onion, as much or as little as you want. Throw in the tomatoes. Throw in some fresh basil, chopped coarsely (again, as much or as little as you want). Salt, pepper, some parsley and oregano if you like, and voila, you have a nice, light, summery pasta sauce. If it’s at all possible to buy fresh pasta, that’s best. But we like the Barilla brand in our family, so that works too. This sauce would be good with almost anything–linguini, medium shells, rotini, etc. Add some fresh grated parmigiano cheese and you have yourself a runner’s meal 🙂

    Oh and if you want more veggies, which I like personally, you can saute a zuccini separately and add it to your dish. (I wouldn’t cook it with the tomatoes thought, it might take away from the sauce.)

    In my family there aren’t any “recipes” with measurements, etc. So just go by your own tastes

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