Weekend recap

I was off last Friday and I got up early with the plan of running 10 miles.  I went to bed early and with anticipation of the next morning’s run.  I even planned on changing my breakfast routine to see if it would help with my intestinal issues mid-run.  I got up Friday and had 2 Clif Bars for breakfast and some water.  I started out and within 3 miles I had to double back to the house for a bathroom break.  Clif Bar fail!  The rest of the run I felt awful.  And I knew there was no way I’d get 10 miles in.  I felt as close to throwing up as ever.  And I have the world’s strongest gag reflex.  I NEVER throw up.  I got back to the house and clocked a horrible 5.6 miles. 

I grabbed some water/Gatorade and decided to try and redeem my cardio for the day by going on a bike ride.  Actually, I just had to get back to the place where I had dropped off a bottle of water.  I had planned on running back to that point and filling my hydration belt, but that didn’t happen.  I did a 10K on the bike in 33 minutes.  I felt ok with that until I realized that some people can RUN a 10K in 33 minutes.  Friday was a horrible day.

Saturday I got in a quick three mile run in the midst of spending the entire day in the kitchen.

Sunday, we had a potluck after church and I ate a ton.  Our church can cook!  It was good food, good friends, good fellowship.  I was exhausted after the service, but I knew that I wanted to get in 4 miles.  I went downstairs and hopped on the treadmill.  When I turned the TV on, I found Track and Field!  I LOVE watching world class athletes.  I just decided to keep running.  I think my favorite was the women’s high jump.  These women are truly incredible.  Their throwing their bodies over 6 feet in the air with such grace.  I was a high jumper in high school and I can assure you that there was no ‘grace’ involved in my jumping.

But, I did get 4.5 miles in and it felt fantastic!  I definitely could have kept going, but the track meet was over and golf just doesn’t hold the same appeal.  So, I went outside and pulled some weeds and starting picking up the tons of lava rocks that we have in the flower beds surrounding our house.  I hate the lava rocks and the entire back landscaping needs to be redone.  It will be quite the project.  Too bad I’m not nesting yet!

In other news, remember the 4 mile virtual race I did for MCM Mama‘s 40th birthday?  Well, I won!  Seriously.  I didn’t win for the fasted time (come on!), but I did win one of the random prizes.  I’m pretty excited.  I have some wonderful endurance runner products heading my way!


2 thoughts on “Weekend recap

  1. Heather, I think TWO Clif bars were too much. I, like Kerri, love Clif Bars before my long runs. My routine is ONLY ONE bar one hour (one hour and 10 minutes, really) before the run begins. I think you over did it with 2 bars, especially for only 10 miles. I think, anyway.

    But everyone is different, so maybe they don’t do well with you. Some people prefer Powerbars. I can’t handle those personally. I think next time you should try having only one, and bringing other solids like Gu Chomps or Clif Bloks for later in the run.

    Glad the rest of your weekend went well! xo, Heather

  2. oh no! poor belly! sorry about the clif bars. they’re the only things i’ve found that do work! crazy how everyone’s bellies are all so different. hope you find something good soon. sounds like you had a full weekend. happy monday!

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