I came home from work today and actually let out a shriek of joy when I saw the package sitting on the counter.


Can you guess what it is???


My shoes came!  My shoes came!  My shoes came!!!!


Aren’t they beautiful?  They really are, aren’t they?  And when I put them on and laced them up, they felt so good.  Not worn out like my old pairs.  They felt cushiony and soft and supportive.  Basically, they were everything I had hoped they would be. 


And they look good on.  Even Penny thinks so.  See her checking out my new shoes?  (Actually, she gets distracted by the camera.  Before the flash goes off, there is a green light and she gets all trance-like staring at it.  Whenever we get the camera out, she goes a little insane.)


Tim had his shoes on too.  He was planning to go out for a run, but it was POURING rain and he’s not quite that hard core.  So, he skipped it.  I decided to head down to the treadmill.  I didn’t feel like running in the rain, especially with my brand new, shiny shoes!

So, I did 6 miles and felt fantastic.  When I did the last 5 miles of Tuesday’s 15 mile run on the treadmill, I had some pain in my left foot.  I noticed it on and off at work yesterday and today, but didn’t even feel a twinge while I was running tonight.  Yeah!

I felt like I really needed a good run tonight.  I was sitting through some more training all day today (and tomorrow).  This time it is Breath Alcohol Training.  It is another certification that I can add to my credentials, and it makes me more marketable to the Occupational Health department, but I get so bored sitting in training for so long.

Tomorrow, after training, I get to take Jaden to his preschool orientation.  He starts next Tuesday and I am pretty sure the orientation is more for me than for him.  He went there one day a week last year, but this year it will be every morning.  We have him on a waiting list for the full day program and I’m still hoping that will happen.  I can’t believe my little guy is getting so big.


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