Best lunch ever

Today I had a 10 mile run on my schedule.  I planned to be on the road by 7:00, but my bed was quite comfy and it’s a holiday, so why shouldn’t I get to sleep in?  So, I loafed around for a while and had some toast with jam and a couple handfuls of dry cereal before lacing up the new shoes for their first outdoor run.  I realized very quickly that I was going to be making a bathroom stop shortly.  ARGH!  Why can’t I find anything for breakfast that agrees with me?!?

I didn’t have a plan of where I wanted today’s run to take me, so I just played it by ear.  After stopping at home for the bathroom, I headed back out roughly following the 5K route through town.  When I got up to the high school parking lot, I decided to run a couple laps around the track.  It’s a softer surface and actually quite nice to run on.  I only ran a couple laps, but I decided I would come back later in the run and do some more.

So I ran a few more miles around town and then doubled back up to the track.  I had to make another bathroom stop, but I must have forgotten to turn off my Garmin because I ended up with more than a 14 minute mile.  Oops.  Oh, well.  I went back to the track to do another few laps.  I was running backwards (clockwise) and I started in the outermost lanes and then worked my way in on each lap.  I also got to say good morning to a few walkers who were out enjoying the beautiful weather.  Once I got close to 9 miles, I headed back to where I had planted a water bottle (to pick it up) and then started on my way home.  I knew I was going to go over my 10 miles and that I really wanted to finish well.  I’m very happy with how I finished.


I love that you can see the track loop!


Stupid Garmin.  I wish I would have shut it off.  Although I guess this is more realistic for the marathon.  I’m not going to turn it off then if (when) I stop to go to the bathroom.

Here are the splits

Mile 1: 10:39

Mile 2: 10:35

Mile 3: 11:05 (boo)

Mile 4: 10:49

Mile 5: 10:48

Mile 6: 10:27

Mile 7: 11:10 (boo)

Mile 8: 14:37 (grr!)

Mile 9: 10:02 (!)

Mile 10: 9:60 (!!)

Mile 10-10.3: 2:49-9:11 pace (!!!)

Total: 10.3 miles 1:52:59

Pace: 10:58/mile—I wonder what it would have been if I hadn’t had a 14 minute mile.

After the run, I came home and showered and then made what I consider to be the best post-run meal I have ever had.


It probably doesn’t look like much.  Actually, it looks pretty awful.  But I made myself some French toast and topped it with warmed banana and Nutella.  I probably could have done without the syrup.  Holy YUM!  I would seriously eat this every day.  it was that good.  You need to try this because your taste buds will rejoice and your whole mouth will celebrate the day!  When you saute the banana, it gets all caramelized and really sweet.  And the Nutella is chocolatey and thick and rich.  I’m drooling just writing about it.  I wonder if I could find a way to make it for dinner too?

I hope you are all enjoying your Labor Day.  We are celebrating pretty low key.  I’m actually going to hit Publish and then do some studying. 

Tim is getting his wisdom teeth out tomorrow.  He is kinda nervous about it, so if you could send some positive thoughts and prayers his way, it would be much appreciated.  I have stocked up on pudding and jello for him to ‘enjoy’ the next few days.  I am hoping he is recovered enough for his 5K during marathon weekend.  Thirteen days and counting!


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