Anger and other unproductive thoughts

I am five days out from my marathon.  My thoughts are going crazy.  But not about the marathon.  My family received very devastating news last night about a death in the family.  My cousin was young (29) and it really angers me that he was taken away from us.  I’m frustrated that there is nothing I can really do to deal with the anger.  I’m just really pissed off!!!!

I don’t handle death well.  I’m not good at dealing with the feelings that are associated with death.  I am really good at shoving those feelings deep down inside and trying to forget about them.  Not healthy, I know, but strangely effective.  At least for a little while.  At some point, I usually get really pissed off and start punching things.  Maybe that won’t happen this time.  Maybe I can deal with these feelings.  But right now….I want to punch things.


4 thoughts on “Anger and other unproductive thoughts

  1. Heather I am so sorry to hear about your cousin! Linda has a great idea of dedicating the marathon to your cousin! And if you feel you need to punch things…that’s okay..just make sure it’s not something you would regret punching, or hurt yourself in the process!

  2. Heather – so sorry about your cousin. Hope that you are able to get through this period of grief. Death effects everyone differently . . . take time to grieve and remember. Maybe dedicating your marathon to your cousin. 😉

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