Three Things Thursday

1.  I pulled up the carpet in Jaden’s room this morning.  I was sick and tired of it smelling like pee in there.  You see, a while ago, one of the animals had a bit of an ‘accident’ on the carpet in there.  Ever since then it has been one big lavatory for the four-legged creatures in our home.  But mainly, I blame these two:

Nola Penny

Nola and Penny may look cute and cuddly, but when your back is turned, they will do horrible things to anything you own.  Penny just isn’t very bright.  I have a hard time faulting her for crappy genetics.  Nola, on the other hand, seems to be fairly intelligent; so I’m not sure why she decided to use Jaden’s room as her personal litter box. 

This was a stinky project.  And, I was convinced that it would be easy, because there wasn’t a pad under the carpet.  All I’d have to do is pull up the carpet and be done with it.  That didn’t work.  There was a pad under there.  A very thin pad that was partially glued down.  So, once I pulled the carpet up, I had to use my handy-dandy putty knife to scrape up the entire pad.  What an ordeal.


So, now there is a bare floor in Jaden’s room.  We are planning to lay down a laminate wood flooring, but I’m not even sure when we’ll get to Home Depot or Menard’s.  This weekend is race weekend and I am working all of next week.  So, Jaden will have to live with his floor ‘as-is’ for a while.  The crazy thing: he likes it this way!  I have a strange child.

2. I am starting to see a lot more of this around my neck of the woods:


Yes, it’s pretty.  But I have not had my fill of summer.  This summer was so nice and warm.  I loved it!  I love the heat.  And I don’t mind the humidity.  The mosquitoes…those I can do without.

3.  Thursday is CSA day!!  I still have some stuff left over from last week.  And we are going to be gone all weekend, so I’m thinking I might have to prep and freeze tomorrow if I have time.

CSA green 

First, the greens: peppers, tomatillos, scallions, acorn squash, basil and kale



And the rest: onions, tomatoes and some great-looking potatoes that I can’t wait to cook up and eat.  I’m thinking garlic mashed.  Yum.


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