Fox Cities Festival of Races

I know I promised you guys a marathon race report, and I will not leave you hanging….for much longer anyway.  Because I’m a tiny bit OCD, I feel the need to tackle the weekend in chronological order.  Just humor me, okay?

We headed over to Appleton on Friday when Tim got done with work.  We had to make a stop at the Oral Surgery center in Stevens Point because Tim was having some issues with his dry sockets after having his wisdom teeth out on the 7th.  Once we got to the expo, Tim and I picked up our bibs and race packets.  Tim’s was all nice and organized in his race swag bag, but I had to stop at three different places to get all my stuff for the marathon.  You’d think after 20 years of organizing this event, that they would put everything in one spot.

Then we headed over to the baseball stadium for Jaden’s kids race.  The place was a zoo!  There were parents and kids everywhere….and a big roadrunner mascot.  The organization was horrible.  They kept trying to get people seated into certain sections of the bleachers, but there were more people than bleachers and chaos ensued.  Top that off with the fact that the PA system was awful and you really couldn’t understand what the announcer was saying half the time. 



The kids race was a counterclockwise loop of the warning track of the baseball field.  They were calling down rows of bleachers and running the races in waves.  It took forever!  I think they did 10 or 12 waves of the toddler trot.  I decided that I had to take matters into my own hands or we were going to be there all night.  It was already almost 7:00 and we hadn’t eaten yet.  I started noodling my way down to the bottom of the bleachers so that when they started the 1/4mile kids run I could push and shove Jaden onto the field.


And they’re off!


Coming down the home stretch.


Push to the finish!

There were about 6 or 8 heats ahead of him, but it was finally our turn.  I gave him a hug and left him in the hands of the volunteers as I pushed and shoved my way around to the other side of the stadium for the finish.  There were very few photo opportunities….and isn’t that the most important part of the kids run?  Tim was waiting at the finish line and we got to see Jaden get his medal.  He was happy, we were starving.


(why do they always give the kids white t-shirts?)

Saturday morning was Tim’s 5K.  This was only his third race and he wasn’t feeling very well, considering he had just had his wisdom teeth removed a week and a half prior.  But, he downed a vicodin and headed to the starting line like the trooper he is.  I was excited to be a spectator!  The only other race I’ve spectated was Jaden’s first kids run in June.  Considering that Tim wasn’t feeling the best, I assumed that he would be running at a leisurely pace.  He had actually only run three times since July’s Lambeau field 5K, so he wasn’t in his best training shape for the race.



His poor teeth!  🙂


There’s that crazy roadrunner again.



I hung out at the finish line because there really wasn’t a convenient way for me to get to any other spot on the course to see him.  I talked with some of the other fans and watched the winners come in.

male winner

Male winner: 15:37.

female winner

Female winner: 18:55

The women’s winner was 12 years old!!!  I also saw some of the dogs come in.  I had heard that there were 28 canines registered for the race, including a daschund.


Tim came in with a time of just over 28 minutes.  I was so proud of him!!  He really did great….and he got a medal too!



After his race, we decided to drive the marathon course in preparation for my race on Sunday morning.  I wanted to know what to expect and we wanted to find some places for Tim to stage himself to offer support and any necessary supplies.  It took us almost an hour to drive the 26.2 miles.  Granted, we missed a couple turns and had to resort to the GPS on Tim’s phone to help us get back on track.  But that really started to put the race into perspective for me.  I mean, if it takes an hour to drive the course, how long was it going to take me to run it?

After driving the course, we headed back to my cousin’s house.  I had to drop Tim off and then drive the 2.25 hours back to Colby to attend my cousin’s funeral.  After the service, I drove the 2.25 hours to Appleton so that I could try to get a good night’s sleep before the big day.

Ok, that was a monster post.  I guess the marathon recap will have to wait another day. 


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