Marathon Statistics

Well, the good news is that yesterday’s X-ray of my left foot did NOT show a fracture.  So, no ugly boot for me.  But I do still need to stay off my feet as much as possible and wear a hard soled shoe.  This kinda sucks, because my legs are really itching to run, but my foot hurts too much.  I am still limping a bit, but I hope that trying to stay off my feet and icing the injured area will get me back running again soon. 

I finally got around to getting my marathon stats.  Here are the numbers (and pictures):


This the map of the course.  The finish line is at the bottom.  You can see that we doubled back over the course for a little while.  Honestly, that was during my mid race stupor, so I don’t think I even recognized that it was happening.


The course was pretty flat.  There was actually a net elevation loss over the entire course and there is really only one spot on the course where I though a hill was going to kill me.  There was a two-block incline that was pretty massive.  And to make matters worse, the town’s cross country team was standing at that hill cheering everyone on.  I wanted to stop and punch them in the face.


This is my speed for the race.  The four drastic drops were when I had to stop to go to the bathroom.  I would save so much time if I didn’t have such bad GI issues.  I had budgeted for two porta potty stops, so the other two just pissed me off.  You can also see that my walking breaks became much more frequent after that third bathroom break.  I guess I need to work on my endurance.


This graph is the one that I think looks like a beautiful city skyline.  Although I wish it didn’t.  I was hoping to be a little more consistent in my pacing.  Granted, some of those spikes are for my bathroom breaks, but some of them are just because I’m not very good at maintaining an even pace.


Here is each and every split….in it’s true ugliness.  The only thing that really upsets me about those splits are the 2 miles over 13 minutes (miles 24 and 25).  There were a few miles in the high 12 minute range, but I can deal with those.  If it weren’t for those couple 13 minute miles and the two extra bathroom stops, I probably could have finished in under 5 hours.


But, don’t I look relieved to just be done?


In other news, the ultrasound is next Friday.  We are excited to see how the baby is doing and to find out if my dream was accurate.  I put a poll up on the sidebar.  Please vote and let me know if you think I’m having a boy or a girl.  I promise to let you all know on Friday!


2 thoughts on “Marathon Statistics

  1. The walking at the end is typical for us mid-packers, no shame in it. The GI issues are somewhat common for runners, but yours are a bit extreme. Four times is a lot. I don’t know what to tell you as you know 😦 Maybe ask your doctor when you see her?

    I think the bathroom stops along added up to your 8-9 minutes, so you kind of did run a sub-5!

    I just checked out of curiousity, there were 900 finishers. The only marathon(s) I’ve ever run is NYC, which has close to 40,000! I can’t imagine running a marathon that small. I kept looking at the pictures thinking, “where are all of the people?” LOL. I was also thinking about how crazy it was that you could drive to the start, and so close to race time. We have to be bussed/ferried to Staten Island (no car drop off unless you want to go there at like 5am!)

    Someday I would like to run a small-town marathon, people say it’s so much more intimate. Maybe some day you’ll run a big city race and get to feel like you’re part of a herd! 😀

    • I didn’t like the small number of participants. It was hard feeling so alone at times. Especially when I was really struggling. I would look around and only see three or four other people and they were all walking too, so there was no one to keep me going. I’m not sure I’d like to be surrounded by 40,000, but this race was really small.

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