This post is brought to you by the letter E

E is for exhaustion.  I had such high hopes for sleeping in this morning.  I’ve been fighting this horrible cold since the middle of last week.  I’m all congested and coughing and sneezing.  And when you are congested, you just don’t sleep well.  I think it has something to do with not being able to breathe.  I took a really short nap after church yesterday…about 20 minutes…but it wasn’t enough.  So, this morning, I was going to sleep in.  Tim said that he would get Jaden ready for school and drop him off at day care.  He didn’t need my help.  I actually set my alarm for about 5:50 so that I would wake up to turn the EMS pager on.  I’m on call today from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm.  Of course, I’ve been on call all weekend and the pager never went off.  So, I was really looking forward to sleeping until my bladder woke me up.

Unfortunately, the pager went off about 6:15 and I jumped out of bed.  That is the first time that I’ve been asleep when the pager went off.  It scared the living daylights out of me.  But, I quickly grabbed some clothes and went to the bathroom and told Tim that I was leaving.  I think I was almost awake when I got to the fire station.

EMS calls are never routine.  You can’t ever know what to expect and you have to be prepared for everything.  And this call was different because we were being called to a mutual aid call the next town over.  So, we had to ask dispatch for some directions.  When we got there, we realized that it was a false alarm and we headed back to the station.  I’m glad it was a false alarm.  I’d rather get there and realize that everyone is safe.  But, it still meant that we had to fill out the paperwork.  So, by the time I got home, I was pretty awake and knew that I wouldn’t be going back to sleep.

Instead, I decided to get some homework done.  And bake a chocolate cake for Tim to take to work tomorrow.  They are having a retirement party for one of the other mail carriers.  And now, I am really tired.

And I still have a lot of homework to do.


But this is what I’d rather be doing.


I’m still holding out hope for a nap this afternoon.  And I have lunch to look forward to.  I am going to stop by the Chinese place in town and get some egg drop soup.  I’ve been craving soup hoping to shake this stupid cold.  And their egg drop soup is so good (but I don’t think it is vegetarian).

Don’t forget to cast your vote in the ultrasound poll.  We are only a few days away from seeing our little guy (yes, I think it is a boy) and we can’t wait to find out the gender.


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