Lotion shortage

I have been fighting this stupid cold for about a week now.  This is the second box of Puffs Plus (with lotion) that I have gone through.  Has anyone else noticed that the lotion seems to be lacking? 

 I remember when I would get a box of Puffs Plus and could actually feel the lotion on my hands after I got done blowing my nose.  Lately it seems that they aren’t putting as much lotion in those tissues.  And my nose is suffering because of it!  I want more lotion in my Puffs Plus!!

In other news, I have decided that Thursday is going to be the day when I run.  I haven’t run since the marathon, mostly because of my left foot still hurting.  The foot is starting to feel better, but I am working today and tomorrow, so I’ll wait until Thursday to test out how I feel during a run.  That will be almost two weeks since the marathon.  I didn’t intend to wait that long, but I don’t want these little nagging injuries to turn into something more.  So, I decided to wait.  But I’m getting anxious and I really want to run!  I can’t wait.


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