First run back

Today was my first day running since the marathon.  I had a 7.5 miler planned with Tim.  I wanted to be with him for his longest run ever.  We didn’t get started until about 3:30 because we had to wait for my mom to come over and pick up Jaden.  I think Tim was surprised that he actually could run an 11:00 pace.  Whereas I was hoping to pick up the pace a little bit.  Unfortunately, it just wasn’t happening. 

This was the first time running that I have actually felt pregnant.  I am just carrying around all this extra weight and it is really uncomfortable.  My mile splits were horribly slow, but it was really nice running with Tim.  I think he got sick of me when I had to stop for a bathroom break twice before we even hit the three mile mark.



I love how our pace tanked at that serious incline.  (elevation is the middle graph)


I really hope I am able to work on my speed after the baby comes.   I hate running 11:00+ miles for such short distances.  It makes me long for my sub 27:00 5K back in June.  Will you all please remind me to start doing speed work in the spring.  I don’t know if I’ll be as motivated then as I am now.  I just hate it when my motivation and physical condition don’t line up. 

And speaking of physical condition, I may have asked too much of my sore left foot.  It is hurting after the run.  Guess I’ll have to baby it a little more.  I think I’ll be pumping up the tires on the bike and getting my workouts that way.  Oh, and you can see by the graphics, that I didn’t make it the entire 7.5 miles.  I just didn’t have it in me.  But, after Tim dropped me off at the house at 5.75 miles, he continued on for a personal distance record of 7.5 miles.  I am so proud of him!!  I know that he can do anything.  I don’t think we are going to do the half marathon toward the end of October that we were thinking of.  I just don’t think it would be a pleasant experience for me and I don’t want to have a negative half marathon experience because I really like the distance.  And Tim wants to save his first half marathon to do with me.  So, we will probably find one next summer.  And then I’ll hopefully tack on a few more next fall.  I really hope to get a sub-2:00 half marathon someday.  (Um…speed work, right!)

In other news, Penny got a haircut today.  Here is the ‘before’ picture.


And here is the stunning ‘after’ shot.


She looks so cute with her Halloween bandana!  I love her coloring so much and it really shows after she gets cut.  Now we’ll just let it grow out over the winter and get her shaved down again in the spring.

Don’t forget that the big ultrasound is tomorrow!  We are very excited and can’t wait to find out if we are going to be blessed with a boy or a girl.  Take a minute and vote in the poll on the sidebar.  I’ll fill everyone in after the appointment!


2 thoughts on “First run back

  1. Congrats on your first run post marathon! My marathon is next weekend 10/10/10 and I’m sooooo glad for training to be over with! I’m with you I love the 1/2 marathon distance and could run it almost daily if I had the time. Training for the marathon just takes too much time that I don’t have. Great job on truckin through it all while prego, that’s quiet an accomplishement and you should feel very proud!! 🙂 When I was prego with Carter I was able to run til about 26 weeks then I went to the gym equipment for comfort. From there I was able workout until two days before I had him. 10 weeks late I was doing a 1/2 marathon so tell Tim to keep training!! Think of you often.


  2. Yay for the Ultra sound tomorrow! And way to get out there and give it all you had. You just finished a marathon a week ago and you are pregnant, I think any run would be a success in my book! Be proud of your accomplishment! 🙂 And congrats to the hubs for his PDR! I cherish every PDR and PR. Hope the foot heals quickly!

    One question for ya, how long is the typical wait period for running again after a marathon? Looks like you waited a week, is that typical?

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