It’s A….

The ultrasound went well, once we actually  got in the room.  They told us they were running about 45 minutes late, but it was an hour and a half before we got called back.

The baby is healthy and measure about a week big….I’ll take it!  I’d be more than happy to deliver a week (or more) early.

Oh, and it’s a boy!  Another boy to round out our family.  Jaden is thrilled to have a baby brother and Tim realized that he will never have to play tea party.  When we actually got to see the little boy parts, he was peeing!  It was hysterical.  I couldn’t believe I saw a little tiny stream of pee coming out of him.

I’ll post a more detailed report later, with pictures, but right now I have to go to the homecoming football game.  I’m on call with the ambulance service tonight.


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