Ok, so the fire over the weekend was probably the worst experience of my life.  But I have to say that dealing with everything necessary to get our house back in order, isn’t exactly rainbows and butterflies.

I met with the insurance adjuster on Monday morning.  He walked through the house and took a few pictures of the bathroom.  He told me to make sure to keep the burned out ceiling fan (that looks nothing like a ceiling fan) in case they needed to have an investigator look at it.  He wrote me a check so that we would have some money for living expenses while we are displaced from our house and then he was gone.

In the meantime, I heard from my aunt (who was watching our dogs), that her father in law had passed away and that she wouldn’t be able to keep watching our dogs.  I also talked to my mom about the fact that my cats had been living in the house since the fire and they were starting to turn grey.  I was really worried about them because as they clean themselves, they are ingesting all those toxins.  I determined that the cats would not be able to stay at the house any longer…and that they needed a bath.  Giving two cats a bath is a two-person job.  Unfortunately, I was alone.  I am physically and mentally scarred from the process.

My mom had found a kennel that would take the animals.  But…the dogs needed bordatella shots and we needed current paper work to prove that all four animals were current on all their vaccinations.  So, I called the vet.  They were able to squeeze me in Monday afternoon.  I loaded all four animals into my car and drove to the golf course.  yep, the golf course.  It was 60 degrees and my dad had the day off.  I knew exactly where to find him!  I ran into him on the 4th hole (of his 4th round) and practically begged him to help me with the animals at the vet.  It is really hard to control both dogs when they are over-excited.  And this whole ordeal has been very stressful for them.  So, Daddy came to my rescue. 

After getting a total of 5 shots for three of my pets, my dad went back to his golf game and I headed to the kennel.  I felt awful leaving my four legged family members behind, but I can’t take them to the hotel, and we just don’t have a lot of other options.  the lady at the kennel seemed very nice, she is giving us a bit of a deal on the daily rate because of the number of pets and our circumstances, and she said that she would bathe each of the cats one more time.  (good luck!)

After I dropped the animals off, I headed back to the house where Tim had been meeting with the cleaners.  They had some difficult news for me to hear.  They estimated that it would be about a month before we could get back into the house.  (insert crying here)  Then they told us to inventory everything that was in the bathroom.  Right….quick, how fast can you write down the contents of your bathroom.  Oh, and you can’t read any of the labels because they are covered in soot.  Fortunately, I had an N95 respirator in the glove box of my car, so I was able to partially protect myself from the horrible smell.  It took me six pages and about an hour to inventory everything.  And I mean everything…1 box of tampons, 2 bottles of shampoo, 1 bottle SPF 30 sunscreen, etc.  Then, according to the cleaners, I had to get all of my jewelry out of the house because the ozone that they were shooting off today wasn’t good for the jewelry.  So I bagged up all of that.

Today, Tim met the cleaners back at the house.  They needed to take photos of everything and get very accurate dimensions of the entire house.  Basically, they needed a blueprint of the house.  As they were walking around the perimeter of the house, they noticed that our foundation is sinking.  Great!  Because a bathroom fire isn’t enough of a hassle, now we need to come up with $15,000 to repair the foundation of our house.  It is so bad that there is a water pipe with so much pressure on it that it is about to burst, and our sewer pipe is leaking sewer gas into our basement.  When it rains, it pours, right?  I almost wanted them to just tear the house down and start from scratch.

I guess there was a good thing to come out of today.  they didn’t think that they would have to remove everything from our house.  The original plan was to load everything we owned into their trucks, take it over to their warehouse where they can clean and treat it, and bring it back to the house.  Instead, they think that they will be able to declare the garage a ‘clean zone’ and do most of the cleaning and treating on-site.  This means that we should be able to get back into the house a little bit sooner.  (not including the repair time for the foundation)

Jaden has been asking us repeatedly why we can’t live in our house.  It seems that we hear that question several times each day.  When he went to school yesterday, I sent a note to his teacher to let him know what happened because I knew that Jaden would be talking about it.  And he did.  Before they even started their activities for the day, he said that he had to tell the class something.  His teacher assumed that it would be the results of the ultrasound I had on Friday.  She was a little shocked when he went into this story about his bathroom being on fire.  She set up a meeting with the school psychologist for today.  Jaden is pretty resilient, but I still think it is good for him to have someone he can talk to about things like this.

So, my life is completely up in the air right now and I am really struggling with how to deal with the lack of control.  I am really hoping to get a good workout in one day this week.  It may have to be on the stationary bike at the hotel fitness center because I’m still not sure how my foot is going to handle running.  But I think a healthy sweat session would do wonders for me right now.

I’ll be sure to keep you posted on all the happenings with the house disaster.

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