I really wanted to run a 10K today in honor of 10-10-10.  Unfortunately, I was an on-call EMT today, so the only option was the horribly inaccurate treadmill at the hotel.  I basically have to keep track of how many times the lights go around the little track on the display screen.  I figured out that a ‘real’ half mile is displayed as .8 miles.  So that made it a little easier to keep track of.  I ended up running 3.25 miles while watching part of the Cowboys/Titans game.  I would have done more, but for some reason this child I’m lugging around makes me have to go to the bathroom more than usual. 

So, no 10K for me today.  But, I’ll take what I can get at this point.  I’m  20 weeks pregnant and I’m living in a hotel away from my beloved treadmill.  I also wish that I had some looser running tank-tops.  The one that I wore today is a little tight and it keeps riding up on my belly.  But, since all my clothes are being cleaned and treated for smoke damage, I have limited resources available.

I’m very excited for everyone who ran the Chicago marathon today.  I want to especially recognize my friend Bryon, who ran an amazing PR.  Way to go Bryon!!!  (I need to live vicariously through him, because I will never be speedy like he is.)

I feel bad that the news of the fire overshadowed the news of the ultrasound.  I’m excited to be having another boy.  I wish that I had ultrasound pictures to show you, but they were in the house during the fire, so they have been meticulously cleaned and packed away by the cleaning crew.  I know that Tim took a video, but it is on the hard drive of our other computer that is being cleaned and treated.  I promise that I will post it eventually. 


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