Week two since the fire

I went into our house yesterday to see how things were coming along.  I was shocked to see that I was alone.  No one from the cleaning company was there.  No contractors….nothing.  I guess things are moving pretty slowly.  I went through and documented everything…I only had my phone so the pictures aren’t the best.

garage 1 garage 3 garage 4 garage 5

This is what my garage looks like.  Right now, about 80% of what we own is sitting in our garage.  The garage has been set aside as a clean zone.  Once things get cleaned and treated, they are being stored in the garage.  This means that when we finally get the OK to move back into our house, we are going to have to move back into our house.  I’m not looking forward to that.  And the longer it takes, the more pregnant I will be, and the less I will be able to lift.  As it is, my back is already killing me…but more on that later.

china cabinet

Everything in our china cabinet has been removed.

living room

Our living room is pretty bare.  But, I really like the paint job.  Unfortunately, it will have to be repainted.  😦

Front room front room 2

The front room is pretty empty too.  I hope my plants make it through this.  They are looking pretty sad.

Jaden's room

Jaden’s room had originally been the other clean zone, but that was before they determined that they would have to paint all the walls.  I guess I’m glad that someone else is going to be painting.  They’ll do a better job than I will.  And, we are going to have them lay the flooring in Jaden’s room too.  It appears that they will be redoing the floors in that part of the house anyway.


My kitchen looks so naked without all my appliances sitting on the counter.  I miss my KitchenAid mixer.  😦


The master bedroom is empty.

master closet

This is the only thing left in the master closet.  It is some creepy mask-type thing that Tim has taken with him every place he has ever lived.


And there are our mattresses….out in the garage.  They look so comfortable.  Much better than the crappy hotel mattress I’ve been sleeping on for two weeks now.

spare room

The spare bedroom is also empty.  It is kinda depressing to think ahead to all the work we have in front of us when we move back in.  Tim wants to down-size.  We’ll see how much ‘junk’ we are actually able to part with.

stove sink

One good thing is that my stove and sink have not been this clean since we moved in!  I’m trying to find the positive in the situation.

But, the bathroom is not a positive.

bathroom bathroom ceiling

bathroom sink

Some of you might notice that these pictures look exactly the same as the ones I took last week.  You would be correct.  NOTHING has happened in the last week!!  I am more than frustrated.  And I’m getting to the point where I don’t want to hold my tongue anymore.  I’m pregnant and hormonal and living in a hotel room with a four year old.  I haven’t seen my dogs or cats in over a week.  I’m sick of cooking my meals in a microwave.  I want to sleep in my own bed and shower in my own bathroom with my own (non-scratchy) towels.

And, to top it off…..

basement ceiling

This picture shows the buckling of the ceiling in the basement.  Just one sign that the foundation is collapsing.  GRRR!!

But, I did run today.  It felt great.  I went to my house and ran on my treadmill.  I did three miles and I didn’t have to walk any of it.  Of course, this is me we are talking about, so there was a bathroom break involved.


4 thoughts on “Week two since the fire

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  2. They told you it could easily be a month right? I am sure the Heegeman’s offer to stay at their place still stands. Then you could sleep in a comfortable bed, have your own towels, have a place for the animals to stay that wasn’t a kennel, have a bunch of other kids for Jaden to play with, have separate rooms for you and Jaden to sleep in, have a full kitchen to cook in…all just a 15 minute drive from Colby. And you could even have the insurance company continue to pay for the hotel for the days that you are on call so that you had a place to crash. Just my thoughts. And the Heegeman’s would be an incredible encouragement to you guys in a time when you feel dragged down.

    We will continue to pray for you guys and hope that your back starts to feel better!

  3. Are the cleaning people taking care to keep the garage sealed so no unwelcome guests come in from the cold? It’s that time of year you know. It would not be nice to find a little rodent in your mattress when you are ready to move back in. And…where the basement wall is coming in may be another entry point for the nasty things. Don’t be afraid to speak up. It’s time to get this done. You certainly don’t want this work hanging on until the snow flies.

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