Sleep Deprived

There has not been much sleep lately for the ODonnell clan.  We are in the midst of our third week in the hotel (the bathroom finally got demolished yesterday!!).  Tim and I are sleeping in a smaller bed than we are used to…which is a problem for two people who need their space when sleeping.  Jaden is sleeping on a pull-out sofa…in the same room as us.  This makes it much harder to get him to fall asleep. 

We used to put him to bed, read a story and lay with him for a while, before we would get up and shut his door.  The lack of stimulation would usually cause him to fall asleep rather quickly.  Not the case now.  There is typically at least one light on, one of us is at the computer or trying to get something done, or just making some sort of noise.

And to top it off, Jaden is experiencing some horrible growing pains.  They have been particularly bad the last few days.  Saturday night, while we were sleeping at grandma’s, he crawled into bed with me around 12:45 because his “legs hurt on the inside.”  Sunday night he did the same thing to Tim at the hotel. 

Last night was probably the worst night yet.  He was crying all the way home from Bible study in the back of Tim’s car.  He even took his shoe and his sock off of his left foot because it hurt so bad.  He stood on one foot to brush his teeth last night and had me hold his left foot.  About an hour after he fell asleep, he woke up crying because his foot hurt so bad.  I crawled into bed with him for a while and rubbed his foot until he fell asleep again.

About 1:00 a.m. he crawled into bed with us.  He climbed in next to me, pushed me (and my burgeoning belly) to the middle of the bed, and proceeded to toss and turn and whine in his sleep.  Around 3:30, I decided to try my luck sleeping on the pull-out sofa.  I did have more room, but my already very sore back is even worse this morning.  I’m not sure I actually got any more sleep and I may have been better off staying in the middle of a very cramped bed and praying for Jaden’s growing pains to go away.

I feel a bit like a zombie today; just going through the motions while my mind is in a fog.  I would love to get a decent night’s sleep tonight.


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