Halloween 2010

Last night, Tim and I headed out to a friend’s house for an adults-only Halloween party.  I have to admit that it was pretty nice to leave the little munchkin at grandpa’s for the night.  Although, when you get a bunch of parent’s together in one place, they are most likely going to talk about their kids.


This is just a sampling of the drinks available.  It was depressing to not to be able to imbibe, but I did have a couple virgin margaritas.  I also realized that when I can’t drink, I partake in a lot more of the food.


pope nun 

Tim and I went as the pope and a (pregnant) nun.  We got a few laughs, and we even tied for 2nd in the best costume contest.


This is my friend Teena and I had to include this picture because I think she looks like an exotic Indian princess.


There were games and it was a lot of fun to watch some of the people complete the things that were on their slips of paper.

I don’t think I’ve been to a costume party in a decade and this one was awesome.  I’m already looking forward to going next year (and wearing the same costume).   And next year….I’ll get to drink!!

This was the first year that Jaden fully participated in the Halloween festivities.  I found him a Darth Vader costume at a consignment shop and he couldn’t have been more excited.


We went trick or treating on 5th Street in Marshfield.  We had been warned that it was crazy-hectic there.  Our friends on that street had over 1500 trick or treaters last year!  We made the decision to brave the crowds because the Halloween decorations were great and we knew we’d run into some friends there.

first house

buzz lightyear

scary house


big house


This was a huge blow-up spider with web-wrapped children in front of it.  AWESOME!

darth vs ghost

darth vs tree 

After our adventures we grabbed some dinner at our favorite Mexican place.  Jaden was in a very good mood and we got some fun pictures.


smile 2

smile 3

smile 4


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