Week five since the fire

I consider myself to be a fairly intelligent person.  I can usually figure things out and I tend to catch on relatively quickly.  However, there are certain things that I just don’t understand: the inner workings of my car, and how Tim can just ‘do’ computers.  And there are other things that I have no desire to understand:  like combustion engines or natural childbirth.

But when I take the time to try and understand something, and the so-called ‘expert’ blows me off, or double-talks his way out of giving me a straight answer, I get angry.  And that is what I am dealing with now with the contractors working on our house.  I try to understand what they are doing and what needs to be done.  I ask questions seeking clarification, but instead of answers I get the run-around. 

I sent an email to my contractor asking for some clarification on an  itemized statement we received.  I admitted my confusion with what was going on and asked him to help me understand some of the charges and why they weren’t being covered by insurance.  His responses were ridiculous.  He never actually answered my questions, choosing instead to talk around the issue and go back on his word that he had given us earlier.  I am so frustrated!  This whole ordeal is making me nauseous. 

Yesterday, the painters began work on the nursery.  I really like the colors we picked out.


nursery 2

nursery 3

Unfortunately, the bathroom is not showing quite the same progress.


bathroom 2

The drywall is finished, but not much else.  And I don’t like the placement of the electrical for the light fixture.  It is supposed to be centered over the bathroom mirror when it is finished, and it appears to be way off to the right.

The big thing yesterday was the delivery of all our clothes.  They have been  all the way over in Appleton for the past month getting cleaned and treated.  Tim was there to meet Chad when he dropped them off.  We had wanted them to go down into the basement and be completely out of the way, but the stairwell was being painted, so everything had to be put in the garage.  Along with the rest of our worldly belongings.

garage clothes

garage clothes 2

I loved how they labeled the boxes.  Everything was marked with what room it came from and what was in it.  I went through most of the boxes to see what we needed to bring to the hotel.  Then I carried each of the boxes down the stairs and put them in the new guest room in the basement.  I also went through all the hanging bags of clothes and grabbed what we needed.  I got a bunch of maternity clothes for me, as well as a few more sets of scrubs for work.  I grabbed a few shirts and pants for Tim and Jaden, too.  All in all, I spent almost two hours going through our clothes and schlepping them all into the basement.  I have a nasty blister on my hand to show for my efforts.

Here is the after:

clothes basement

basement 2

I couldn’t believe how much stuff there was.  All our clothes, bedding, towels and curtains.  Wow.

Here is what didn’t make it into the basement and instead is coming back to the hotel with us.

clothes car

And some of the boxes stayed in the garage.  I didn’t even open the ones labeled ‘stuffed animals.’  I just piles them with all the other boxes.  But there were a couple who didn’t fit in the box.

giraffe hippo

I hope they’ll keep each other company.


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