Week six since the fire

I can’t believe that I have been living in a hotel for six weeks.   This is a nightmare, of sorts.  I am so exhausted.  I am so stressed out.  I am so sick of dealing with contractors.  I am also really sick and tired of feeling so on-edge.  Because of all the stress of this whole situation, I am really short-tempered with people, especially Tim and Jaden.  I get frustrated easily and I’m emotionally exhausted.

Let me spell out for you what has been done since last week.  Not.  Much.


The kitchen  finally got painted.  It was one room in the house that we had actually gotten around to already painting.  Except for the spots behind the stove and refrigerator.  I was hoping that I’d just have to do an extra coat around the trim today, but the lighter color needed a second coat everywhere.  And the darker color needed a second coat along the trim at the ceiling because the ceiling paint dripped onto the walls.


The entry way/laundry room/second bathroom also got painted.  It is a lighter color and I was hoping that it wouldn’t need a second coat.  Wrong.  I had to do a second coat along all the trim.  And there was A TON of trim.  Lots of doors, window, cabinets and shelves to paint around…not to mention a sink unit and a shower.  Took me forever.



I also had to do a third coat of the trim of the yellow paint in Jaden’s room.  It just didn’t cover well.

All told, I spent all afternoon painting the house.  And trying to keep Jaden away from the walls so that he wouldn’t get paint on his clothes.  He succeeded until right at the end.  The way I look at it, climbing up and down a ladder and smelling paint fumes is exactly what every woman should be doing when she is 6 months pregnant. 

Hopefully, the painting is *done* right now.  Oh, except for the bathroom.  I’ll have to do a second coat in there once it gets the first coat on.  But, other than that, I think everything is painted.

It will be nice to move into a house with fresh paint everywhere. 

As for the (moron) contractors, we have finally gotten some news on when the foundation work will start.  We did all the prep work a couple weeks ago and have just been waiting for word from the contractors.  Well, this week we got a contract from the for the job.  We sent in the 50% deposit.  Tim got an email yesterday saying that the steel should be delivered by the 17th.  The excavator is scheduled for the week of Thanksgiving. 

I am really anxious for this to be finished so that I can move back into my house.  I don’t remember the last time I cooked a meal.  And I really miss my animals.


Tim went to see them on Thursday since he was off for Veteran’s Day.  He and Jaden took the dogs for a walk and played with the cats for a while.  I miss them so much.  I just want to cuddle with them.  I’ll even let Penny lick my face.


Ok, I’m going to end on a happy note.  Jaden has been adorable lately.  Every night, he hugs and kisses my belly to say good night to his baby brother.  He will lift up my shirt and pat the baby and then he’ll tell the baby all sorts of things.  “I love you baby brother.”  “Sleep good baby brother.”  “We have cute pajamas for you baby brother.”  It makes me happy.  I think he’ll be a great big brother.  He is already telling me that he will get diapers and wipes for me and help pick out clothes for the baby to wear.



2 thoughts on “Week six since the fire

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  2. I don’t really have thing except a sigh. I’m sorry that you’re going through all of this! I’m praying for you to get back in your house soon… and did you leave a comment that you’re coming to Bartlesville in December???

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