Garbage gone

First….I ran this morning.  I didn’t run far, only three miles, and I certainly didn’t run fast.  But, I ran.  And it was ugly, painful, glorious.

Here is the latest pregnancy photo.  I’m about 25+ weeks right now.  Baby boy is moving, but isn’t quite as active as I remember Jaden being.  I hope that is a sign that he will be a little more mellow than his older brother.  🙂


Tim got an email from our insurance adjuster this morning.  I guess the contractors told him that they would be done and we could move back in by Dec. 1st!  I’m really, Really, REALLY excited about that possibility, but I’m not holding my breath.  There has been progress….


As you can tell, the ugly green dumpster is gone…as is the toilet.  Yippee!!

Tim and I are going to go to the house later this afternoon to check out the interior.  But, I heard a rumor that the bathroom has been painted!!


3 thoughts on “Garbage gone

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