Tim and I stopped by the house to check on the progress.  We had hoped that since we had gotten a tentative move-in date of December 1st, that we would be seeing a lot of progress.  Unfortunately, not so much.  Seriously…at this point I shouldn’t be surprised.

The bathroom has been painted…


This picture doesn’t do it any justice, but the lighting was awful at the time.  As you can see on the left….no light fixture yet.

But, the light fixture, along with the other bathroom fixtures, have been delivered to the house.


And the bathroom flooring has come in….


I can’t wait to see what it is going to look like once it gets installed.  We went with a vinyl because it was water resistant and cheaper than the laminate….thus fitting into our allotment.  The flooring for the hallway and the front room hasn’t arrived yet.  They didn’t have enough in stock, so they are waiting for the next order to come in to Home Depot so that they can get all the boxes from the same pallet.  Makes sense.

The vanity for the bathroom is currently in the front room….


but I’m hopeful that it will get installed soon.

There were some plumbers at the house today to unhook the water.  There is no running water at the house currently.  The took down all the water pipes in the basement and moved the hot water heater in preparation for the foundation work.



The story goes that they steel will be delivered tomorrow and that the excavating will start next week.  We’ll see.  Maybe they will stick to their word this time.  There’s a first time for everything, right?


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