Preschooler for a day

Preschool is exhausting.  If I were a preschooler, I would definitely need a nap.  I know I needed a nap after spending the morning with Jaden’s class.  It was Family Fun Day yesterday and I got to hang out with him for a few hours.  He was so excited to have me there, which is a big boost to my ego; especially since he hasn’t been shy about telling me lately that he loves daddy more than me. 

We went to a few of the different classrooms and each room hosted a different set of activities.  We had a blast.

jaden beads

We made bead bracelets.


We played Lego (big surprise, right?).


We played basketball…or something that resembled that.


We played musical hoops-kinda like musical chairs except nobody is every out.  You just have to share the hoops as they take one away each round.

with kids

And I got to meet a lot of Jaden’s classmates. 

snack man

We made a ‘snack man’ out of crackers, pretzels and cheese.

big cookie

And we had lunch, which included this cookie the size of his face.  Seriously, why would they give preschoolers that large of a cookie?  I couldn’t believe it.

One thing I did realize is that that preschool is a germ factory.  There were a lot of kids whose parents couldn’t make it, so I had a couple of ‘adopted’ friends hanging on me throughout the morning.  I kept wanting to ask them to go wash their hands, or bathe in hand sanitizer.  And another thing…when you put 10 or 12 4-year-olds in one room, the noise level is pretty much unbearable.  Honestly, if I hadn’t been completely exhausted, I would have looked forward to going to work in the afternoon.

Remember that credit card commercial that asks “What’s in your wallet?”  I was thinking of that the other day as I was reaching for some heartburn relief.  This pregnancy has brought the heartburn much earlier than when I was pregnant with Jaden.  I’m now the crazy pregnant lady with the Tums.


“What’s in your purse?”

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